Jesus is calling you to make a difference.

At Vocare, it's our mission to inform Catholic voters of important issues under consideration by the Washington Legislature so that we can all have a voice in the future direction of our state.

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

How you can help

Do you know a catholic laity group?

We are looking for liaisons from other Catholic lay organizations to join us. If you know of one or belong to one, please contact us.

want to charter a local vocare group?

We have started local chapters in Spokane and Moses Lake, with more to follow soon. If you would like to start your own local chapter, let us know. This is a great way to make a big impact within your own communities.

Contact your legislators

Whether you call, email, write, or even visit your legislators in your home district or at the capitol in Olympia, you will be answering the call of Jesus. And then ask your family and friends to do it too! 

Vocare is an informal organization of individual Catholics who are joining together to help engage the laity in spreading the light and love of Christ in Olympia. Although many of us are members of other Catholic and non-denominational organizations, our views and opinions are not the views and opinions of those organizations. Our goal is to identify important issues in Olympia, develop an opinion on the issues based on inspiration from the Gospel and from our Catholic faith, and then distribute our opinions to Vocare members and organizations. Recipients are then free to act on our suggestions as they desire..

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